3D Traffic Racer

This page contains information on the original '3D Traffic Racer', made by Sara from Germany.

The original '3D Traffic Racer' as made by Sar44 was quite simpler than our adapted version. You control a red car facing upwards. With the left and right arrows, you can make the car move across the four lanes of the road. You do this to evade the opposing cars. When an opposing car hits you, it's game over and you see the text 'Try again!' on the screen. You then start over, your score reverting back to zero.

The point system in the original game is based on time and speed; Sara chose to change the score by speed * -0.01 "forever". The speed is always a negative number, as it refers to the road and opposing cars going down. The slowest speed (I would say minimum, but that's quite confusing as we're dealing with negative numbers here) is -8, while the fastest speed is -20. If you're playing with a speed of -8, you will gain -8 * -0.01 = 0.08 points every time the game calculates the score. This results to approximately 3 points per second at a speed of -8.

The high score starts at 194, which seems random in my opinion, but perhaps this is how far Sara herself got.

Another feature in the game is the change in speed: whenever the user presses the up arrow key, the speed increases by -0.1. Whenever the user presses the down arrow key, the speed decreases by 0.2. In this way, you have quite the control over your own vehicle. The up and down arrow keys cannot exceed the minimum and maximum speed as specified above.

If you would like to read how we altered the game, please see Game Adaptations. If you would like to read about my personal contribution to the process, please see Personal Contribution.