3D Traffic Racer

On this page, you can read all about how we altered the game '3D Traffic Racer'.

The first thing we did, is make the cars smaller. We changed the size to 70%. This makes the game slightly easier, but we added many more options to make the game more difficult. Next, we added the ability for the user's car to move up and down (forward and backwards). Every time you press the up or down arrow key, your y position will be changed by 5. We deleted the feature that changed the speed every time the up or down arrow keys were pressed. We also set the slowest speed to -4 instead of -8, also making the game slightly easier.

We altered the point system so that the speed or distance or the car did not defy the number of points anymore. Instead, we added a new sprite - a heart, which would give the user three points when hit.

Up next was deciding how to respond to the user's behavior. At first, we wanted to increase the speed whenever a certain threshold was reached at the score (e.g. at 5 points, at 10 points, 15 points, etc.), but this wasn't personal enough for the user. The game had to respond to every decision the user made. So instead, we increased the speed with every heart that was collected, and we created a new sprite, a cross, that would decrease the speed. The cross did not influence the score in any way.

A very annoying problem we encountered was that of the shadows: the game was very glitchy at first regarding all the shadows (of the cars, of the hearts, of the buildings). It took us several hours to find out how to hide both the heart and its shadow when it was hit. For a while the heart itself would disappear, but the shadow would remain. At one point the shadow would even cause a crash, meaning game over. It was a struggle but we pulled through.

When the game was nearly done, we wanted to make it slightly more fun to play. We decided to add a soundtrack: a remix of Hit the Road Jack. I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when they play the game now.

As a last additional feature, we added another way for the game to respond to the user. The utmost left and right lanes were often used as a "safe" spot: the user would stay there for a longer period of time, so as to evade the cars in the other lanes. We decided that this is cowardly behavior and we do not want to encourage this. Instead, we decided to increase the speed of the car whenever a user stays in the utmost left or right lane for more than 3 seconds. To let the user know we do not approve of their behavior, we added a new sprite: an exclamation mark. This mark would show itself when the speed increases due to the lane laziness.

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