3D Traffic Racer

This is the website for the game called '3D Traffic Racer', made by students of Tilburg University.

3D Traffic Racer is a game that was downloaded from the program 'Scratch 2' and altered and updated by students. The original game was quite simple: you, as the player, control the upward facing red car with the left and right arrow keys. Several opposing cars drive toward you; you must try to evade them. If an opposing car hits you, you will hear a crash and it will be game over. You can start again as many times as you like.

The original game was made by Sara from Germany, whose username on Scratch 2 is SaR44.

Our assignment was to choose a game and make it intelligently adapt to the user. To read more about the original state of the game, see The Original Game. To read more about our alterations and adaptations of the game, see Game Adaptations. To read more about my personal contribution to the process, see Personal Contribution.

The assignment was a part of the course Fundamentals of Information Sciences in the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence bachelor. The course was coordinated and taught by Sander Bakkes.

3D Traffic Racer was made by Timo Warringa, Willemijn Weterings, Timur Okur and Natasha Swart.